IP blacklisting admins can trust.

This blacklist is fundamentally different, because you will be able to create, maintain and control it yourself. It's all in your hands.

We have been running this system for over 8 years as freelance admins and decided to make it a public product because it provides such valuable services for us.

Read our whitepaper to understand the ideas behind MailMum: MailMum Whitepaper.

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Fine grained Blacklisting

  • We don't like global blacklists which harm admins.
  • Define the blacklist by your own down to server IP level.
  • Block whole networks like to stop spammy providers.
  • See incoming mail traffic and decide based on data.
  • Organize it your way. It's all in your control!

Whitelist valuable resources

  • Whitelist IPs which are valuable to you.
  • Whitelist services which are important to your users and customers like Gmail, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Whitelisted IP-Ranges like
  • Whitelisted IPs will never be blacklisted!

E-Mail Analytics

  • See your incoming mail traffic.
  • Get analytics for better control.
  • See blocked mail traffic.
  • Build up history and reputation for your mail traffic.
  • Be notified if your IPs gets blacklisted or has unexpectedly heavy traffic.
  • Make your decisions based on data.


Stay in touch and get updates: