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DNS flag day 2020

One of the most critical parts of MailMum is to provide DNS service, which handles IP blacklisting for our customers. They are the primary service our customer’s mail servers are using. As the DNS flag day 2020 directed to operational and security problems in DNS caused by Internet Protocol packet fragmentation, we’ve tested all our DNS services to align these rules. Why you should test too? DNS is a distributed system and one of the most critical parts of networks.

Howto customize roundcube webmail for your service

Providing email services to your customers or even your own company is an import part of communication. Also, it is important to brand your service and this way also adds some additional trust for your users. Roundcube Support pleases admins to customize their installation, so the people don’t contact Roundcube project for support. Select the right skin Selecting the right skin for your users is a hard task. Even if the webmail services you provide, are only for one company.

Certbot: renewing all Let's Encrypt certificates

Certificates today are like DNS - they must work, because most of the systems expect them to be there and they must be valid. Especially Google changed for many services to contact with SSL/TLS enabled by default. Renewing outdated certificates Sometimes problems arise and you need to check whether certbot (of Let’s Encrypt) or cron is still working. Maybe you simply want to check, whether your certificates are all renewed, you can simply run:

MailMum Project Started

A name, domain, logo, and a draft website - this is the way MailMum was born out of an internal project. From a necessity to this service MailMum was born out of a need to face problems with unwanted emails called spam or junk. As filters like Spamassassin were good, but spammers are human and their job is to figure out, how to bypass them. They will try and will find ways to reach your inbox.