Geofeed is a collection of IP networks accompanied by geolocation information that is typically distributed in CSV format via an http(s) link. These links are usually exchanged informally among trusted parties.

What is the format of a Geofeed?

Geofeeds are published using https URLs using CSV file format. It consists of four values per line:

By example such a feed can look like:

# Published at https://mysite.public/geofeed.csv
# Updated at 2023-03-17
# ip_prefix,alpha2code,region,city,postal_code,DE,DE-BE,Berlin,12345
2001:df8::/32,DE,DE-BE,Berlin,12345,NL,NL-GR,Groningen,,US,US-IA,Council Bluffs,,NL,NL-GR,Groningen,,KR,KR-11,Seoul,

What are real world examples of a Geofeed?

You can have a look at some Geofeeds from:

These Geofeeds were selected, because they are bigger and can be viewed in a browser.