Manage Postfix Mail Server Queues like a Pro

By running a Postfix mail server, you need to know some commands to manage Postfix mail queues. With this knowledge, you can manage queues and write simple scripts to accomplish larger tasks. First, I will list the most relevant commands you need for your daily business. Then we will build up real-life examples to understand how these commands work, how to use them, and when they can harm. Postfix Mail Queue Commands Postfix has several commands to manage the queues.

Monitoring Postfix Email Queue and add Push Notifications

Monitoring email queues on your favorite email server is an essential task of an email admin, as rising queues are often an indication of problems. First, you need to understand how queues work, manage them, and get emails enqueued. Then build a shell script to monitor them. In the last step, you will learn how to get smartphone push notifications by sending emails to a third-party push service. Queue Basics Sending and receiving emails is by default done asynchronously.