Monitoring your Local Postfix Blacklist with Munin

You have built your local IP blacklist for Postfix. Invested time to analyze server logs or Rspamd history to blacklist single hosts, IP addresses, or even whole networks. But how well is it working compared to public blacklists you are using? Time to see the results and get some visual insights through Munin Monitoring System. Setup your blacklist for Munin First of all, you have to decide how to visualize the data in your graph.

Blacklisting Single Hosts, IP Addresses, and even Networks in Postfix

You know those same hosts, providers, or whole networks, who get through your spam filter and spam your users with the same content over and over again. By building up your blacklist in Postfix, you can stop them from bothering you and your users. We will explain how local blacklists work in Postfix and how to use them with whitelists to have better control and reduce errors. Check before you blacklist Blocking other hosts must be a well-thought decision because blocking single hosts, IP addresses, or even whole networks will stop all delivery attempts to your mail servers.

Whitelisting single Hosts, IP Addresses, and even Networks in Postfix

If you use any blacklists for email services, whitelisting important Hosts, single IP Addresses, and even whole networks is an essential task. By whitelisting valuables email services to your users or even customers, you as admin won’t reject important email communication. Blacklisting in Postfix If you use any blacklist service or has your blacklist in your Postfix setup, you will probably find similar logs: root@server $ grep "blocked using" /var/log/mail.log Dec 17 4:07:18 server postfix/smtpd[21213]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[1.

MailMum Whitepaper

Forward MailMum offers individual services for email administrators to monitor incoming mail traffic and to control it by blocking IP addresses or even IP networks of abusive systems using Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) technology. The admin has full control over the listings by defining parameters, blacklisted (abusive), and whitelisted (trusted) IP addresses. The defined rules may apply for the whole account down to an individual server. Mail System Today Provided by several sources email traffic is up to 90% or unwanted emails (called spam or junk).

MailMum Project Started

A name, domain, logo, and a draft website - this is the way MailMum was born out of an internal project. From a necessity to this service MailMum was born out of a need to face problems with unwanted emails called spam or junk. As filters like Spamassassin were good, but spammers are human, their job is to figure out how to bypass them. They will try and will find ways to reach your inbox.